Bone Stalker-Mage

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Bone Stalker-Mage
Mage Servant
skill 13
stamina 16
Attacks 2
Weapon Used poisoned blade, spells
Habitat Caves
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Humanoid/Dragon
Reaction hostile
Intelligence high

The Bone Stalker-Mage is a major antagonist in the Fighting Fantasy gamebook Night Dragon. He is the founder and leader of the Cult of the Night Dragon and the second-to-last enemy faced in the game.

Origins and DistributionEdit


The Bone Stalker Mage is the creator of the Stalkers and the final guardian of the Night Dragon. A very powerful sorcerer and a deadly swordsman, who turned himself into a decaying half-human half-dragon monstrosity out of fanatical devotion, he worked hard to awake the Night Dragon and bring about the end of time.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Bone Stalker-Mage is a very powerful and dangerous enemy with skill 13 stamina 16, who is protected by a magic barrier. The best way to destroy it is to throw the Magic Mirror at it, but it is also possible to fire a projectile, though the Mage retaliates by conjuring fire threads if he is favoured by the dices...

The Mage first fights by conjuring poisonous snake-spirits, then with a poisoned blade that inflicts additional damages during the first attack-rounds. His awful smell also decreases your Attack Strength by 1 point.

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Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[1]
Night Dragon (para24, para53*, para82, para108#, para278, para316, para368, para399)


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