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Brimstone Dragon was the name given to a specific Dragon that was active during the time of Tantalon of Gallantaria.


The "Brimstone Dragon"

The Dragon, at the time of Tantalon, was plundering wealth from the Whitewater Valley of Gallantaria.

The Brimstone Dragon's lair was in the southern reaches of the Cragrock Peak foothills, a day's march north from the town of Klisdon in Gallantaria. This area of the Cragrock Peaks is known as the Dark Cliffs.[1] What was the lair of this dragon is a shallow but enormous cave.[1]

The beast was said to be immensely powerful and only Tantalon's champion was able to bring up the courage to confront it. Even then that was with the aid of Invisibility Potion received from an apothecary in Fickling,[1] and no fighting was involved. It is said that perhaps only the mighty Hornhelm would have confronted this creature.[2] It is believed that the loss of its treasure caused the Dragon to seek solace in the Dragon-sleep, and even now it still resides in the Cragrocks dormant, waiting.


Is this the Brimstone Dragon?

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