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Bronze golem1

Bronze Statue outside the Gambling Halls of Vlada[1]

The famous Gambling Halls of Vlada are located in the North Side of Kharé, and the name "Vlada" can be seen in graffiti in the city. Who Vlada is is not certain, but since a giant Bronze Statue of one of the gods of Kharé stands outside the Gambling Halls of Vlada, it is possible that Vlada is the name of this god, and the Gambling Halls are named in his (or her) honour.[1]

Further NotesEdit

  • Given that a number of characters in the Sorcery! series have their inspiration in the film Jason and the Argonauts, it is likely that the Bronze Statue was inspired by Talos, the huge bronze armourer of the gods. Like the Bronze Statue in Kharé, Talos's weakness is a plate (in his ankle) which, when removed, leads to his destruction.

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