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Cadaver and the Deathshead[1]

In the ruined ghost-village of Myrton in Ruddlestone, the last entry in the journal in the Elders' Meeting House, dated the Third Day of Locking, 216AC, tells of the torments and agonies inflicted on the village by the Necromancer (or Necromage), Cadaver.[2] This chilling entry reads as follows:

It is two months since the vile Necromage, Cadaver, was laid to rest, but still we are beset by all manner of torments and agonies. Creatures of the night stalk the streets of our once proud village and the Great Bell has begun to toll again. I fear our doom to be decreed. There is no hope for us now.[3]

Myrton fell into ruin and became a place of fear, especially to the people of the nearby village of Assart.[4] But with the return of Belgaroth to Ruddlestone in the 280s AC, evil began to stir in Myrton, the Great Bell was heard to toll again, and Cadaver rose from the grave.[4] With Cadaver rose the dead of Myrton, who assailed the nearby village of Assart, carrying off those who could not escape them, to swell the ranks of Cadaver's undead army.[4]

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