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History and OriginsEdit

The origins of the Cadre Infernal lie in the dreams of ambitious Mauristatian aristocrats, who founded it originally as little more than a secret society to arrange prestigious marriages, acquisition of desirable businesses (or substances and materials necessary for certain illicit pastimes, magical or otherwise).

It was at its height shortly before the War of the Four Kingdoms, drawing members from Mortvania, Bathoria and Lupravia, but lost popularity afterwards and was soon little more than memory.


Eighty years later, the Cadre underwent a revival of sorts when five Lupravian aristocrats joined forces to increase their power. One of these was Count Varcolac, the head of the House of Wulfen and nominal master of the entire province. The others were Countess Isolde of Maun, Serena of Saarven, the Abbot of the Black Monks and Aranaea "the Black Widow".[1]

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