When Zharradan Marr was searching for the Elven village of Stittle Woad, Calla Bey of Mirewater attempted to recruit an army of Birdmen to storm the Galleykeep, but with little success as the Birdmen were afraid of the flying ship.[1]

Although the text of Creature of Havoc seems to suggest that this venture was an attempt to thwart the evil plans of Zharradan Marr, it is not impossible, given that Mirewater is elsewhere described as an evil Dwarf village, that Calla Bey may have had more selfish motives.[2]

It is not known whether Calla Bey is male or female, and although it is nowhere stated, it is likely that, coming from Mirewater, (s)he is a Dwarf.

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