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Calorne Manitus is the name of the famed census-taker of western Allansia.


Calorne hails from Salamonis, for he makes pledges by swearing on his Amonour.[1] However his perpetual wanderings estranged him from that city. Calorne managed to persuade the various rulers of Western Allansia to hire him to gather information about the races and peoples within their kingdoms. He still performs this role, at a leisurely pace.

Craggen HeightsEdit

Calorne’s closest shave with death came when he was carried off into the Craggen Heights by brigands only to be rescued by his long time friend Chadda Darkmane.

Part in The Trolltooth WarsEdit

When Chadda Darkmane set about his plan to infiltrate the camps of Balthus Dire and Zharradan Marr he visited Calorne whilst in Shazâar to gain advice on how to do so.


A gentle man with a kindly face, he has a preference for wearing blue silks and hooded cloaks.

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