Cantopani is a small trading village at the southern edge of the Shamutanti Hills in southern Kakhabad.[1]

The road north from the Cantopani Gate runs straight through Cantopani, which consists of a collection of round huts "made of a hard-baked, bright clay with thatched roofs".[2] At the time of the events described in The Shamutanti Hills, one larger hut serves as a storage house, managed by a fat quartermaster, where items can be bought and sold,[3] and Cantopani has at least one inn, which offers hot meals for 1GP, and travel rations of bread and goat's cheese for the same price.[4] It is probable that this inn is the one called The Great Wall.[5]

The villagers of Cantopani are rather suspicious of outsiders,[2] and one villager, perhaps typical, is described as being "five feet tall with thick-set arms and thighs half clothed in tattered breeches. His eyes are wild and his long red hair and beard stand out on his face in a wiry tangle."[2] The Sightmaster Sergeant at the Cantopani Gate tells YOU at the start of your adventure in the Sorcery! series that most of the villagers of Cantopani are "rogues and thieves".[6]

Cantopani in the d20 ConversionEdit

In the d20 conversion, Cantopani is depicted as a hamlet of 160 inhabitants. The leader of the village is named Farrell (or Ferrell) the Overseer. His son, Aldrich, is the local keeper of peace. The owner of the trading post is called Tharis, and he is renting out his trading post to Ryan of Brice. The inn is called the The Cantopani Inn, and the name of the innkeeper is Jethis Ransaur.[7]

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