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Carsepolis is the ancient city upon whose ruins Port Blacksand now stands.

In 1408OT Cares Stormchild, the leader of a nomadic tribe of the Pagan Plains, settled his people at the mouth of the Catfish River. He went on to build a bridge across the river and a stockade around the settlement which became known as Cares-Town. The settlement continued to grow and in the reign of King Coros Sword-breaker became known as Carsepolis being ruled over by the Dynasty of Swords.

In 1649OT it became the recognised capital of Allansia, the name given to the north-west area of the continent that we call Old Allansia. The city by this point was also a port with wide streets and was a seat of culture. The city thrived for many decades. However, it was struck by Plague on the 28th of Unlocking, 1887OT,[1] and it was all but destroyed in the Siege of Carsepolis in 1999OT, that most crucial of turning points in the War of the Wizards. Although the battle and eventually the war had been won, the city was lost. Its people were given shelter in Salamonis and the city was abandoned.[2]

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