Cassandra-Orb 2
skill 9
stamina 10
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by weapon (magical Coldsword)
Habitat The cities of the world of Orb
Reaction Unfriendly-Hostile
Intelligence High

Cassandra is a rogue who appears in the gamebook Talisman of Death and its later spin-offs, The Way of the Tiger series. She is a denizen of the world of Orb.


Cassandra is a very attractive young woman, though more handsome than beautiful, with short unruly hair, who is dressed in a rather unusual suit of patchwork armor.[1] Her weapon of choice is a magical Coldsword which inflicts +1 additional point of stamina Damage.[2]

Like her fellow thief Tyutchev, Cassandra is contemptuous, in addition to a hot temper which easily goades her into fighting.[3] In a fight, she moves with a pantherish grace and gives no quarter, but once she meets an opponent she can't handle, she retreats to safety. She and Tyutchev are a well-practised sword-fighting team, and coupled with Thaum's magic, this can prove devastating to a single opponent.[4] She and her comrades are worshippers of the Chaos god Anarchil, Breaker of Edifices, and thus select and slay their victims as they will, the better to spread chaos into the world.

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