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Darkmane enters Port Blacksand

Chadda Darkmane, born on the 12th of Sowing, 260AC,[1] is perhaps the most widely-known and famous of the captains of Salamonis, having been instrumental in foiling the designs of Balthus Dire and Zharradan Marr during the Trolltooth Wars, and of being one of the preferred instruments of Gereth Yaztromo's schemes to combat evil in Allansia.

At the times of Demonstealer he will be instrumental in ensuring the Demon Rivel is destroyed before coming back to the dimension of Titan.[2] and later on, at the time of Shadowmaster and always in collaboration with Gereth Yaztromo he will be a protagonist of the destruction of the ancient necromancer Axion and of Cawlis, the possessed Shape Changer magician that managed to recall Axion from oblivion.[3]

He is infamous for being the most hot-headed of the Salamonian soldiers, as well as having an incredible distrust of sorcery in general and its practitioners in particular. So acute is his distrust that he has even developed an uncanny ability to "smell" sorcery as it is being used, claiming it reeks of sulphur. Despite this, he is a good friend of Yaztromo's and was grudgingly aided by Zagor in order to defeat the wizard's two rivals.


Darkmane with Yaztromo and others, fighting their way through Shadowmaster

As with all Salamonians, Darkmane prizes Amonour - the term used in the Vale of Willow for fame and prestige - above all, for it is this that truly makes a person's fortune in life, barring intervention from the gods. Because of his many exploits, great successes and heroic actions, his Amonour is particularly impressive, even when compared to some other notable heroes of the age.[4]

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