King Chalanna was the king of Femphrey. At a time when Femphrey was a poor and tawdry land and its capital Femnis was a decrepit city Chalanna found an artefact known as the Crown of Kings. This magical symbol of rulership made him wise and charismatic, and he quickly inspired his people into revitalising their country. Within the space for a few years Chalanna had worked wonders. The new capital city built after having the old one torn down before it could fall down was named after him as Chalannabrad and the Femnis river that flowed through it was renamed Chalanna River. [1]

In a gesture of peace, Chalanna granted the people of Lendleland full rights to the Siltbed River, which marks the boundary between to two kingdoms, after a dispute about who owned it. He also lent them the Crown of Kings and there was talk of the two kingdoms margining under the joint rule of Chalanna. [2]


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