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The Chamber of Ancient Magical Spells is within the ancient Keep of Sharrabbas and once through this Chamber a Select will have passed through the Heart of the Throne.

The chamber is where the power of the kings and queens of Kazan is determined if they have not acquired enough Medallions of the Clans. Within is a table upon which are two rows. The first row is made up of three jars, the second of three bottles. Those Select attempting to ascend to the Throne have to mix the contents of one bottle and one jar and drink the resultant brew. They must do this twice. Of the nine possible outcomes, three are always deadly. The other six will result in a magical Power being bestowed upon that Select. The test is referred to as the "Dangers of Gnossis".

Once the test has been completed a wall of green shimmering smoke appears and a voice will bid the Select walk forth and complete the ascent to the throne. The mist will then clear and the metal door from the chamber will open. From this doorway the Select will then make their way through yet more passages to the Vizier's chamber where in normal circumstances the Vizier will usher them into the Throne Room of Kazan to take their place.[1]

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