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Chaos Beastmen are a rare type of Beast Man which are considerably stronger and more resilient, that are also known to spontaneously mutate during battle into even deadlier forms.

Like their lesser cousins, they have the hind legs of Goats and humanoid upper bodies, but differ in that their heads are even more bestial - often more similar to those of wolves with extremely exaggerated jaws - and their horns are straight and more like those of Ibex than of Goats.

Chaos Beastman

Chaos Beastman

They are typically a match for even the most experienced of warriors and have demonstrated more intelligence and loyalty than might be expected from such monsters: in the depths of Firetop Mountain, a Chaos Beastman was encountered guarding the heart of the resurrected Zagor's domain, proving immune to deception or typical methods of bribery - it would stand aside only for a weapon of the finest calibre.

The mutability of these creatures is infamous and terrifying, since it enables them to grow into the perfect killing machine over time - increased size and strength, greater endurance and tusks are among the mutations exhibited by Chaos Beastmen in battle.[1]

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