Chaos Warrior
Chaos Warrior
skill 8 - 11[1]
stamina 8 - 12[2]
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by weapon
Habitat variable
Number Encountered variable
Type Humanoid
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average-High

Chaos Warriors, sometimes also called Chaos Champions, are Human warriors alignmed with Chaos in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Created by the Trickster God, Logaan, Man's nature is essentially neutral and is amenable to both Lawful and Chaotic dispositions. Chaos Warriors are portrayed as Humans who have been irredeemably warped by - or voluntarily gone over to - Chaos.

Titan has no shortage of chaotically aligned Humans, but what seems to distinguish Chaos Warriors is their almost religious element. They are invariably linked, whether it be in service or through a pact, to the Dark Gods or Greater Demons. As such, Chaos Warriors may be more than simply warriors - it is not uncommon to find them subjecting themselves to dark magic or carrying enchanted items. They are rarely encountered, but when seen tend to be among the ranks of particularly destructive armies or in the service of a powerful sorcerer or demonic entity, such as Zagor[3] or Agglax the Shadow Demon.[4]

While there are more normal warriors who would align themselves to Chaos (and could therefore be called Chaos Warriors as well), the term "Chaos Warrior" signifies both a special status and the strength of devotion of a particular warrior to the Demonic forces he has sworn to serve. This is signified by the equipment they usually wield (see Description, below).


Chaos Warriors are easily recognizable by their armor. They usually wear full-body plate armor and face-covering helmets covered with spikes and (occasionally) marks and runes of Chaos, or bearing other distinctive designs signifying their allegiance. They typically wield swinging weapons like two-handed Swords, Axes and Maces.[5] It is also likely that they have the Strength skill in order to endure the rigors of combat wielding their heavy armament.

Known Chaos ChampionsEdit

Further InformationEdit

  • There is a depiction of a warrior android in the Fighting Fantasy science fiction gamebook, Star Strider. The warrior bears a resemblance to typical portrayals of Chaos Warriors.[7]

See AlsoEdit


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