Chervah is a humanoid race, slim built, perhaps one and half meter tall, a bit similar to Elves, but with darker skin, big eyes and almost baby-like faces. Most Chervahs dress colourfully but formally, come from Rimon, look all alike and are good at formal discussions and public relations. [1]

Type Humanoid/Fifth Race

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More information can be found at:Source[2]
The Trolltooth Wars

(pg43, pg44*-52, pg54, pg56, pg69-73, pg80-81, pg83-86, pg109-118, pg122, pg124-128, pg130, pg132, pg138-140, pg144-145, pg146*, pg147-149, pg151, pg160-161, pg16 3, pg164*, pg165-167, pg169-172, pg174-177, pg190-198, pg219-224, pg227-230, pg233, pg235-236, pg238-240, pg249, pg251, pg258-260, pg264, pg292-293)
Demonstealer (pg50-52, pg53*, pg54-55, pg59)


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