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Chiang Mai is a province of northern Allansia. Its capital is Fang, a city ruled over by a powerful Baron.


Chiang Mai lies in the north-west of the continent of Allansia between the Pagan Plains and the Icefinger Mountains.[1]


Chiang Mai was one of the provinces within the realm of mighty Goldoran. After the collapse of that great nation, during the War of the Wizards, some of the old provinces began to re-establish themselves as autonomous regions. One of those was Chiang Mai, with Fang as its capital.

The current ruler is Baron Sukumvit Charavask of the Sukumvit dynasty.


Two settlements are known in Chiang Mai: the capital city, Fang, and the village Claw.



The most significant river is the River Kok,[2] which runs from the Forest of Fiends in the west to the sea in the east.[3] The river Kok runs through Chiang Mai and the neighbouring Kaypong. Fang enjoys the commerce that the river fosters as merchant ships and barges pass through on their way to the coast.

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