skill 7 (young)[1]
12 (adult)[2]
stamina 6 (young)[1]
20 (adult)[2]
Attacks 3
Weapon Used Large Claws and Bite and see below
Habitat Caves, Mountains, Hills
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

The Chimera is a type of Monster in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Appearance Edit

A Chimera appears as a composite creature with a Lion's head, a Goat's body, and a Serpent's tail.[3] At adult size, they can attain a length of three meters and a height of two meters.[4]

Origins and Distribution Edit

The exact origins of the Chimera, as it being either the result of a magical experiment or a spawn of Chaos, is unknown. This beast is most at home in rocky plains, mountains, or hills and as such can possibly be found anywhere across Titan where such habitat exists.[5]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Next to its physical attack forms (bite, hoove kick, and tail lashings or constriction), a Chimera can breathe fire. Its fire blasts hit on 1-4 on one die, inflicting 2 points of stamina damage.[2] (Under the Advanced Game System, the damage would probably amount to the same as a Small Fire; see Dungeoneer pg. 189).

Further notes Edit

  • Chimera bronze

    A famous Etruscian bronze statue showing the original build of the mythological Chimera

    In its original incarnation from Greek mythology, the Chimera is described as having a lion's head and body, a goat's head growing out of its back, and a living snake for a tail. In many popular fantasy depictions (particularly inspired by Dungeons & Dragons), the three heads are mostly placed in the front portion of the body, with a dragon's head replacing the snake.

See AlsoEdit


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