The Circus of Dreams (also known as the Dream Circus) was a travelling troupe of performers in Gallantaria in the years following the War of the Four Kingdoms.

After two years of limited success, the circus was taken over by force by the sorcerer Skarros, who secretly replaced all the circus performers with Mandrakes.[1] Through the following year, it passed from village to village in Gallantaria, providing ideal cover for the Mandrakes to spread their evil plague.[2] The motto of the Circus of Dreams was that "it brings fantasies to some and nightmares to others".[3]

The "Circus" included acrobats, tumblers, jugglers, animal trainers, a pantomime Horse, a magician (Monty Caphisto), a mute wagon driver (Petulengro), and a female clown who seems to have been in charge.[4] It is likely that all of its members became Mandrakes after Skarros took over the circus. Attractions at the "Circus" included a big top and a number of wagons, including the Hall of Dreams.[5] The big top was plastered with subliminal messages (e.g. "Your will is not your own", "Join us", "Obey or die" and "Visit the Hall of Dreams") disguised by Mandrake magic, which were designed to control the minds of the audience.[6] The Hall of Dreams was designed to ensnare unsuspecting victims and allow gestating Mandrake pods to take on the identity of those victims.

The last known movements of the Circus of Dreams were through the town of Gornt where, after a stay of seven days, it moved on towards Shattuck, leaving the smouldering ruins of Gornt behind it.[7] It set up camp outside of Shattuck.[8]

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