Cleeve Manor is the home of Lord Taris Varen, on the edge of the Forest of Lein, near Havalok in Ruddlestone. It is "served by a small hamlet, including a smithy, and is surrounded by a number of small farms."[1]

The Manor itself has a gatehouse, a courtyard, stables, a great hall, and luxurious rooms, and is protected by Lord Varen's soldiers and managed by the Steward of the Manor.[2] The great hall is the centre of the Manor, and it is here that Lord Varen, with his fellow nobles, the landed gentry, and their retainers, meet to feast, accompanied by Lord Varen's fool, Nuncle, who entertains "guests with his jokes, tumbling and juggling with lighted torches."[3]

The great hall is dominated by Lord Varen's table on a raised dais at one end, behind which "hang decorative shields and the coats of arms of several families."[1] The other walls are decorated with tapestries and mounted trophies from hunting expeditions.[1] The hall is filled with trestle tables and fireplaces for cooking spit-roasts, and at any time of day one may find here men-at-arms eating and playing games such as Dragon's Hoard and minstrels playing favourites such as The Ballad of Sir Rhyadadan the Crusader.[1] Infrequent visitors include Templar Knights and the wandering soothsayer, Awenydion of Bryn Du.

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