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skill 7
stamina 7
Attacks 2
Habitat Caves, Dungeons, Plains, Ruins, and Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

The Cockatrice is also known on Titan as the King of Serpents. The origins of this mysterious hybrid remain a mystery. Its appearance defies logic for it has the head and body of a cockerel, wings of a bat and a serpent-like tail.

Special AbilitiesEdit

In combat the Cockatrice will attack with its beak, which if successful will cause 2 points of stamina damage. However the beak will inflict further harm in addition to the poisonous breath that the creature exhales. An adventurer must successfully Test for Luck ensuring that they roll twice on this table and choose the result or else they must accept the first roll. It is accepted amongst learned scholars that the Cockatrice will die should it see its reflection in a mirror. Trying to get an angry Cockatrice to see itself in a mirror will require a double Test for Luck.[1]

Cockatrice Combat Table
2D6 Roll Body Part Effect
2 Brain Death
3 Sword-arm Must use other arm to attack - lose 4 skill points
4 Back Difficult to move - lose 3 skill points
5 Left leg Can only limp along - lose 2 skill points
6 Second arm Cannot use arm - lose 1 skill point
7 None No penalty
8 One eye 3-D vision gone - lose 1 skill point
9 Right leg Can only limp along - lose 2 skill points
10 Both legs Cannot move - lose 3 skill points
11 Both arms Cannot use arms to fight, carry anything, etc.
12 Heart Death

See AlsoEdit


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