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The Card GroupingEdit

The grouping is defined both in terms of the sequential numbering and more explicitly on Checklist 110-139 where the grouping title Constantia exists. The UK edition did have these same cards but they were not explicitly grouped. Cards in this group are set within Constantia.

They were all illustrated by Terry Oakes (except potentially for Constantian Cutthroat which was credited to the Unknown BattleCard Artist).

Constantia (US Edition BattleCards)
US Edition BattleCards
US No.US Name Artist
131 Constantian Cutthroat Unknown BattleCard Artist
132 Vangorian Knight Terry Oakes
133 Secrets of Vangoria (1) Terry Oakes
134 Secrets of Vangoria (2) Terry Oakes
135 Secrets of Vangoria (3) Terry Oakes
136 Secrets of Vangoria (4) Terry Oakes
137 Secrets of Vangoria (5) Terry Oakes

Secrets of VangoriaEdit

In the UK version, the information on the "Secrets of Vangoria" cards was actually on two cards dropped for the US set (Battle Secrets and Quest Clues). However, the US, "Secrets of Vangoria" cards did use the artwork by Terry Oakes used on the Shield Cards in the UK set. In terms of artwork, rather than Secrets of Vangoria (1) through to Secrets of Vangoria (5) we have Dragonhide Shield, Dwarvenforged Shield, Bronze Shield, Ironbark Shield, and Battleshield.

The Secrets of Vangoria cards have been included within the "Constantia" set because that is the last sub-title used on Checklist 110-139 before they appear.

The UK version did have extra Secrets of Vangoria as well, but these were not whole cards, but rather the secrets were printed on Warrior Cards in the bottom right hand corner of the text side, where the Seal was on all other cards.

Shield CardsEdit

BC049Dragonhide Shield

The UK BattleCard Dragonhide Shield

There were five Shield Cards in the UK set:

These cards could be incorporated into combat (see Using Shields in BattleCards Combat).

Although the artwork of the UK Shield Cards was reused, in all other respects the Shield Cards had been dropped, and therefore so had the use of shields in combat.

BattleCard TypesEdit

See AlsoEdit


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