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Constantia within Vangoria from the Vangoria (BattleCard)

For other uses of Constantia, see Constantia

Constantia is one of the regions of Vangoria.

The RegionEdit

Main article: Constantia (card group)

Constantia is the now ruined former capital of Vangoria on the northern shores of Lake Mhingus, where the Palace of the Emperor resides. This area has its own card grouping.

Lake MhingusEdit

This huge body of water lies at the heart of the continent of Vangoria. It forms no part of any of the four main provinces, but on its northern shores are Constantia, hence its inclusion under that entry. It is said that the last Emperor’s crown was thrown into the lake by Battle Orcs after they had ransacked the capital.

Regions of Vangoria
The DarklandsTheDarklands
Barbarian TerritoriesBarbarian Territories

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