A Corpse Master is a particularly dangerous creation of necromancy, being endowed with great strength and unnatural intelligence.

Typically, they are skeletal beings with eyes that glint with pure evil, and wear long cloaks and robes. A Corpse Master's weapon of choice is a bone dagger, though they are also capable of using some magic, usually along the lines of invisibility, teleportation and generation of fire. Additionally, a Corpse Master is frequently accompanied by a vast swarm of Rats, Bats, insects or other such vermin, which it will use to envelop both itself and its foes to weaken them, though apparently remaining unaffected by the weight of the unholy swarm; and mists which seem to be alive and wilful.

Corpse Masters have long been used as lieutenants and captains in the hierarchy of evil, serving exceptionally well in that capacity, though they are notorious for turning on their erstwhile masters if they suspect even the slightest betrayal from them - this was the case with Karam Gruul. Unlike many forms of Undead, they are able to speak, although in a highly unusual manner that does little to increase their coherency. Much of their speech is composed of metaphor and simile, such as "Swarm red-run fleshcarrier"[1], meaning Overwhelm and make the living being's blood flow; and "Redpact to be present, no being in void"[2], meaning An affiliation to something must exist, nothing lacks a preference to one organisation or another.

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