Corwin Calbraith is the hero of the The Dark Usurper series of three Fighting Fantasy mini-adventures published on Warlock (magazine) number 61, 62 and 63.

He is an adventurer, a knight and the son (and rightful heir) of Cormac, Duke of Skeln. During the three years before The Dark Usurper saga, he fought alongside the king to wrestle the Holy Chalice from the clutches of the heathen. When he left the Duchy of Skeln, Corwin appointed his trusted friend Evald Senskell to administer it in his absence, but Evald was tricked by the evil Barnak, the Dark Usurper, and was jailed.

Crowin himself will start the series of adventures The Dark Usurper starting from the jail of his very own castle.[1]

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  • The sage and seer Asmund refers about a prophecy linked to Corwin Calbraith:

When the fair headed man comes forth,

His garments red as blood,

His devices strange and wild cats for kin,

Smite shall he the beast, and we shall be free.[2]


Corwin Calbraith is one of the few Fighting Fantasy heroes to be introduced with a specific name and surname, except Pre-generated Player Characters, where anyway the player can usually choose freely one out of three pre-generated characters.


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