Domain Grace
Home Celestial Court
Other Names Tuanar, Kirilin and Nureya
Symbols cat
Parentage Usrel
Spouses Fourga
Children Telak
Siblings Fourga
Affiliations Hall of Mind
Holy Day 16th Unlocking (15th Land's Awakening)[1]

Courga is the goddess of Grace. She is known by a number of different names across Titan and is also depicted as a god in a number of cultures.[2]

Place among the GodsEdit

As the Goddess of Grace she has a place in the Hall of Mind.


She is the daughter of Usrel and therefore she is sister to Fourga. She is also the mother of Telak by Fourga. It should be noted that where Courga is depicted as a male Telak is not acknowledged (such as in Kharé) but is replaced with a number of demi-deities who govern his sphere.


Statue of Courga in Kharé

Worship and Variations across TitanEdit

Also known as Tuanar, Kirilin and Nureya sometimes this deity is perceived as a male and the twin brother of Fourga, for instance in Kharé (and indeed all Kakhabad). In Kharé they are a pair of warring brothers who fight each other to produce different degrees of pride and humility in the characters of people. In Kharé, the "grace of Courga" is an ideal, a way of life for the elite who live on the north side of the Jabaji. In the rest of Titan these two deities are both brother and sister and a married couple. They have a child, Telak (who is not acknowledged in Khare, but is replaced with a number of demi-deities who govern his sphere.)

Courga is most often depicted as a graceful warrior girl. Her symbol is the Cat. Throughout most of Titan, temples to this deity will almost always have delicate graceful spires and it has been known for this deity to have adventuring priests.

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