Credas was a powerful wizard who was the last survivor of the Triurge, a group of three very powerful wizards who assaulted the fortress of the tyrant Bezenvial and overthrew him on the Isles of the Dawn.[1]

Years later, he would learn that Bezenvial's twin sons, Maior and Feior, had awoken from the magical sleep into which they had been put, and waited for them to make their moves.

He soon met Maior, who appeared ignorant of his nature, and sent him to retrieve The Sitting Prophet, knowing that it would kill any evil person who got too close. To ensure that Maior reached the life-size golden idol, he gave him a small jar of ointment that would help him if things became desperate. However, when Maior succeeded in his mission, he realised that Maior's unique resurrection had purged him of his evil, and upon learning that Feior was close to conquering the Isles, he made his decision.

By uniting his powers with those of Maior's, he was fused with the Sitting Prophet, and returned to the jungle from whence it came to rally the Kreehull that worshipped it against Feior. He led them against Feior's army and died in combat against a mighty Sturramak, drawing it away from the troops that were defenceless against it.

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