The Crown of Kings is a magical artifact belonging to the Royal Treasures of Amarillia. This crown should not be confused with its Titan counterpart.

The Crown of Kings was made for King Thorgar after the union of the provinces, and his crowning. An enormous jewel is embedded in the crown, and radiate a curative beams, protecting its wearer from disease, and curating people at proximity [1].

During the reign of Thorgar, the crown was exhibited in Castle Argent. Braxus, the son of Thorgar, given the Crown to Sanctuary, as a part of the Royal Treasures. After this time, the Crown was temporally displaced one time by year to the Crown Tower, in Barrabang, in order to be contemplated by pilgrim seeking healing [2].

After the defeat of King Kraal at Lake Faro, the Crown Tower was taken by the armies of the Bone Demon. The Crown was moved back to Castle Argent, where it is guarded by a young War Dragon [3].

Contemplating the Crown of Kings allows to regain 5 points of Stamina, and cure one single form of plague. the effect of the crown applies on a same person only one time per week [3].

References Edit

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