Crun is a town in Ruddlestone, "at the foot of the mountains".[1]

Little is known about Crun, although it does seem to have an association with Dwarfs, and may be a Dwarven town. The exact location of Crun is also unknown, but the legend "To Crun", which appears on the map of the Port of Crabs in Bloodbones, suggests it is somewhere south-west of that city.[2]

The Steppes of CrunEdit

At the time of the events described in Knights of Doom, the soothsayer Awenydion of Bryn Du recounted, in the halls of Lord Varen of Cleeve Manor in Ruddlestone, that "Two months ago I left the dolmen of Manog and braved the steppes of Crun and the wilderlands to bring you tidings from the gods".[3]

Lothar of CrunEdit

Lothar was a doughty Dwarf fighter from the town of Crun at the foot of the mountains. Many were the times when he led the Warriors of Telak from the Demonkeep Outpost to repel attacks from Barbarians and the soldiers of the warmongering Lord Meracass of Brice. In every battle Lothar would fell his enemies with his trusty axe.[4]

Crun CiderEdit

During the player's travels in Ruddlestone in Spellbreaker, they visit The Ragged Clown inn in Hallow's Well, where they encounter a group of Dwarfs who "are competing to see which of them can down the most Crun Cider".[5]

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