Crystal Computing Publishing
Crystal Computing Logo
Type(s) video game developer and publisher
Foundation 1982
Closure 1984
Location Sunderland, England
Industry Publishing Computer Games
Key People Chris Clark and Graham Stafford (founders)
Products Computer Games

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Crystal Computing were one of the smaller software companies which produced games for home computers in the early 1980's. Formed by Chris Clark and Graham Stafford who were both students in Manchester, it was based in Sunderland.

Crystal split after an evening of argument known later as "the night of the long knives" with the main programmers leaving Crystal to set up another company (Chandrex Ltd) which traded under the name Design Design Software.

Fighting FantasyEdit

Crystal Computing had come to prominence with their game Halls of the Things in 1983. This game had been widely lauded and was awarded game of the year by Sinclair User. Following this success, Crystal were approached to convert The Warlock of Firetop Mountain into a computer game for the ZX Spectrum. The game they produced, however, was said to bear a strong resemblance to Halls of the Things, (in some cases being described as "almost identical to"), and had little to do with the book upon which it was said to be based.[1] However, although similar to Halls of the Things it was also described as being more playable and with better graphics.[2]

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