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doc is a spell in The Sorcery Spell Book, requiring 1 stamina point and a medicinal, healing or curative potion to use.

Medicinal potions carried and used by the caster will, under this spell, have their effects increased so that they will heal any wounded Human or creature who drinks them. The potions may be used on the caster - the spell must be cast as the potion is administered - but they will not bring a being who has actually died back to life.[1]

In the Advanced Fighting Fantasy version of The Sorcery Spell Book, the spell doubles the effects of a healing potion or enhances some herbal potions to completely cure a poison or disease. There is also a misprint: "This spell is one of the few that will not work on the Sorcerer himself" although it is not clear whether it should read "This spell is one of the few that will work on the Sorcerer himself" or "This spell is one of the many that will not work on the Sorcerer himself."[2]

Use in the Sorcery! series Edit

This spell usually causes a medicinal potion to restore The Analander's stamina to its Initial level.[3] In one case, it restores stamina and cures poison[4] and in another, it enhances some Blimberry juice so that sprinkling it over a family cures them all of plague.[5]

However, if used in front of the Archmage's Hobgoblin cook, she will snatch the potion from the sorcerer, causing him or her to regain only 2 stamina points, whilst the cook gains 4.[6]

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