Daga Weaseltongue is an Elf who was banished from his village of Stittle Woad (also known as Eren Durdinath) after stealing the magical Elven Vapours whilst under the control of the necromancer Zharradan Marr, who is said to have appeared to Weaseltongue in the form of a Rhino-Man.

He also happens to be the cousin of Erulia Falsehope, the great grandson of Leeha Falsehope, the Elf who divulged the existence of Eren Durdinath (which he termed Stittle Woad in an attempt to side-track the curious) and its Vapours to a tavern full of onlookers in Chalice.[1]

Whenever Weaseltongue speaks to visitors to the Forest of Spiders, they must be wary of what he says, for if his sentence begins with a consonant it is a falsehood![2] He also owns a reptilian Ophidiotaur, which can carry him at high speed through the forest.[3]

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