First Fighting Fantasy
Location Karazan
Publication details
Author(s) Ian Livingstone
Illustrator Russ Nicholson
Cover illustrator Simon Dewey
First published July 27 1995
First Fighting Fantasy
August 26 1995
Adventures of Goldhawk
Number 1
Previous Book First in series
Next Book The Demon Spider
ISBN ISBN 0-14-036939-2
First Fighting Fantasy
ISBN 0-14-037727-1
Adventures of Goldhawk
No Wizard Reprint

Darkmoon's Curse



The Kingdom of Karazan is locked in a terrible war against the Orcs. The King has been killed in the battlefield and the Crown has been taken by the Orc General and passed on to the evil wizard Darkmoon that controls the Orcs. The army is in rout and the kingdom is on the verge of collapsing. The crowning of the young Prince Goldhawk would reassure the people of Karazan and give them hope in the war, but the loyal Dwarf Orlando sent to take back the crown (needed for the crowning cerimony) was discovered and sent back after turning him into a Tin Pig and Prince Goldhawk was poisoned and is now permanently sleeping. The loyal court magician Morris, desperate to find a solution, conjures from another time line a replacement for Prince Goldhawk: the reader! the "new" Prince, in all similar to Prince Goldhawk, will pretend being him and, together with {[Orlando]], the Tin Pig and Edge, the intelligent sword, will brave the perilsin front of him and go questing for the Crown and destroying the evil Darkmoon.

Cover and IllustrationsEdit

All artwork is by Russ Nicholson. Internal illustrations are all in colours and are often integral part of the adventure, as several enigmas involve images.

Intertextual ReferencesEdit

Other MediaEdit

Main CharactersEdit

Prince Goldhawk

Orlando, the Tin Pig

Morris, the wizard

Darkmoon, the wizard

Edge, the intelligent sword

Dark Knight







Big Blue Mouse






Cave Troll



Lady Helera

Big Fire Dragon

Sad Sam

Grumpy Greta

Lizard Man


Main LocationsEdit

Karazan Castle

Howling Tunnels




Maggot Manor

Further NotesEdit

Ian Livingstone's Adventures of Goldhawk, First Fighting Fantasy Adventures are a spin off of mainstream Fighting Fantasy production targeted at younger readers.

The books are bigger and all internal images are coloured as well. Combat rules are simpler: only SKILL score is used and a single dice roll is sufficient to determine the outcomes of the fight (if Prince Goldhawk loses the fight, usually loses one point of SKILL for the rest of the adventure, but sometimes, especially near the end of the adventure, dies). The adventure is not delivered in "paragraphs" like most other Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, but in 21 "scenes", each of them with an illustration (that sometimes includes the solution to enigmas) and with up to five related sub-sections (which are the most similar thing to traditional gamebooks' paragraphs).


No dedication is present in this book.

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