Death's Messenger
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Death's Messenger is a deity who goes by no other name in modern Titan.[1]

It was he who stepped forward from the ranks of the army of Evil and Chaos to sound the horn that began the First Battle and this is what those who have heard the story of that terrible conflict remember him for today.

As a warrior on the side of Evil and Chaos he was fearsome, and to an extent his title derives itself from the fact that to meet him in battle would be a signal of imminent death. Some believe that this character and Voivod are one in the same and, indeed, comparisons can be drawn. However, the army of Evil and Chaos was not limited to only one fearsome warrior and indeed The Tale of the First Battle refers to them separately.

It is believed that even now it is he who whispers in the ears of the Demon Princes and lays the seeds of his master's plans. He is often depicted as a haunting skeletal figure wielding a scimitar. He has a constellation named after him in within the Southern Skies of Titan.

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