Death Spider
Death Spider
skill 14[1]
stamina 9
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Bite and see below
Habitat Demonic Plane, Dungeons, Ruins
Number Encountered 1
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

Death Spiders are a type of Demon in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origin and DistributionEdit

Death Spiders originate from the Demonic Plane, but unlike most other demons they appear to be able to travel freely to the mortal world in order to capture living souls for their amusement.[2] They seem to surface mostly in places where a particularly large concentration of demonic or demon-influenced evil is present. One of these creatures was known to be found in the tomb of Akharis.[3]


Death Spiders look like giant, grey-black Spiders of a size five meters across. Instead of a Spider's head, however, they bear Human-like heads with evilly twisted features.[4]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Death Spiders are web-builders, and usually they spin their traps in places where they can get the drop on their victims, rendering them helpless if they get entangled in the strands.[5] But like a real spider's web, these webs are flammable and will burn away instantly if touched by an open flame.[6]

In addition, Death Spiders have a bite which delivers a powerful paralytic venom. If bitten, a victim must Test for Luck (he is, however, unable to do so if entangled in the webs)[7] or be paralysed, leaving him helpless to further bites until he is killed. Once the victim is dead, the Death Spider will teleport itself, the corpse and the web back to the Demonic Planes, where the victim's soul will be extracted and condemned to an eternity of torture.[8]

See AlsoEdit


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