Deathlord is an unpublished Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Andrew Chapman and Martin Allen. It appears that Deathlord was written, but its publication was only in the planning stages when Puffin Books ceased publication of the original series, since Andrew Chapman described it as "the unpublished FF Deathlord, which I wrote with Martin Allen in the early 90's" in a post on the Rebuilding Titan Yahoo! group.[1]


Deathlord was to be set in the Dead City, near Kish in Khul. The plot was to involve the imminent destruction of Titan due to the appearance of a Demon Lord there.

... it's about a demon lord who appears on earth and whose very presence begins to disintegrate the planet. It's set in the Dead City to the west of Kish in the same region that Seas of Blood was set. I seem to recall that the story was an exercise in Chaos.[2]

Future of the BookEdit

There have been no indications that Wizard Books plan to publish this book.

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