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Deathmoor is a region of legendary harshness into which no man within living memory has travelled and survived and lived to tell the tale.[1]

Once long ago it was home to an advanced civilisation, wise of the ways of the stars. Now it is a chill place of cruel strange beasts and swirling magical mists. The residue of a sorcery-filled battle which caused the downfall of that ancient culture. When the mist descends all sense of direction is utterly ruined. To the south-west of moor is an impassable region of sharp broken rocks and fissures. Dotted around the moor are the ruins of the ancient culture whose language appeared similar to Ancient Kabeshian.

To get to Deathmoor from the east you must cross a fast flowing river (which some say is so polluted by the evil of the moor that it is covered in scum and rotting fish).

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