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"Deathtrap Dungeon 3" is the fan-title assigned to an unpublished gamebook (in place of no known official title, working title or otherwise), which was to revisit Deathtrap Dungeon. It was to be written by Dave Morris to accompany the computer game released in 1996. It was described by Dave Morris as follows:

It was supposed to be based on the DD computer game, which didn't really have a story to speak of. "Barbarian enters the medieval equivalent of a reality TV gameshow." I.e., it was last man standing in a dungeon full of monsters and treasure. No logic to it. There was an insect level, a circus level, etc. Exploding pigs. Shotguns. A female character was suddenly added because Tomb Raider was doing well and somebody got the idea that every game needed a busty heroine. Nobody missed anything, believe me. The world did not need it to happen.[1]

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