Domain Decay
Home The Void
Other Names The Scavenger and Urgulla
Symbols Skeletal hand or a Fly
Parentage Elim
Siblings Death and Disease
Priest Colours Bone White
Sacred Day 14th Dark (15th Skies in Darkness)[1]

Decay is a High Lord of Chaos.[2]


He is the brother of Death and the twin of Disease. It is believed that he is the creation of Elim.



Lord of Decay

He is also known as "The Scavenger" and Urgulla. He is worshipped in the southern Khul in the city of Shakuru by the beggars and lepers of that foul place. There is also a temple to him near the city of Assur on the Inland Sea.[3]


Commonly Decay appears as a rotting skeleton and he is associated with insects. His symbol is a skeletal hand or a Fly, and his sacred colour is Bone White. Adventuring priests of Decay may be encountered throughout Titan.

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