The Deep Red Pool of Elkiem is found within the Caves of Minosaddurr.[1]

If you were to fall into the pool you would never return. The pool is named after the demi-god Elkiem, after whom the beasts of the same name are said to derive their creation. Elkiem's worship, and those beasts, are only found in south-west Khul. In fact the demi-god has all but been forgotten. A companion of Icthys and servant of Hydana. It is said that in the beginning of Titan, Elkiem learned of Hydana's admiration of Logaan's creation of man. He tried to please his master by creating a sea-dwelling man and tried to merge the fish of the sea with these "men". But many beings died through his efforts before he was successful. He also learned that Hydana wished to create this sea man himself before all others and that his wrath would be great should others pre-empt him. Thus Elkiem resolved to hide the new creations and the blood of the tortured unfortunates from his meddling. Elkiem ventured inland, placing his beings in pools and rivers of the land, and then he ventured below the mountains, creating a deep hole in which he poured the blood. The Deep Red Pool of Elkiem is said to be that very same pool, deep, deadly and still coloured by the blood of those creatures which succumbed to Elkiem's experiment and from those who have subsequently perished within its depths.

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