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Demon Princes also known as Primus, which refers to the fact that they are the highest-ranking members of the hierarchy of Hell.[1]

These Demons are therefore the masters of the Pit (another term for the Demonic Planes). There are seven in total. The three highest ranking are the Snake Demons - Ishtra, Myurr and Sith. Acting as their lieutenants are the four lesser princes, the four Night Demons - Shakor, Kalin, Relem and Vradna.

It is believed that before the First Battle many more Demons of an equal, or even higher rank were in the service of the Dark Lords. One scholar has postulated that there were twenty-seven Demons of the same rank as the Snake Demons and eighty-one Demons of the same rank as the Night Demons but that it was only these seven who escaped the banishment to the Void.

Others believe that there are Demons of equal rank who do not dwell in the Demonic Planes and have also escaped the sentence of the Void. For instance the Kurakil certainly appeared to have been as powerful as the Princes. The form of the Kurakil differs from that of the Princes. It is likely, therefore that the original top end of the hierarchy of the Demons was more diverse in type than just Snake and Night Demons. Certainly the term Snake Demon really only refers to the preferred form of Sith. As of The Port of Peril, Zanbar Bone has reached the rank of Demon Prince, though whether he is equal to the Night Demons or the Snake Demons, or a unique case, is not known.[2]

The Malice that possessed Orghuz of Gorak may also have been a powerful Demon. Certainly it was referred to as "The Evil One". However, there is stronger belief that The Malice was actually the diluted spirit of a Dark Lord.

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