Demon of the Ring
skill 12
stamina 20
Attacks  ???
Weapon Used Magic
Habitat Wherever the ring is
Number Encountered 1
Type Humanoid, magical
Reaction Neutral
Intelligence  ???

The Demon of the Ring was an Efreet bound to serve whoever possessed its ruby ring.

It was Al-Bakbuk who stated that the Demon was one of the Efreet,[1] and as such the creature could grant a limited number of wishes.[2] The Demon was very literal in its wish granting, carrying out its commands to the letter, regardless of the outcome. It did, however, seem to have a sinister streak to it, and took a malevolent delight in granting a wish that its owner had made when unaware of the actual consequences.[3]

The Riddling Reaver seemed to possess power over the Demon,[4] and claimed ownership of the ruby ring necessary to command it.[5] This is fitting since the Demon is some form of Genie, and both Genies and the Reaver are aligned with the Trickster God. Khasim the Unworthy, a lawful sorcerer, regarded the ring with suspicion, remarking that it was a "Trickster item" and could cause "much harm".[6]

Further InformationEdit

  • The Demon's skill and stamina scores are the same as that of the Genie entry in the Out of the Pit bestiary.[7] However, his appearance in Magehunter is a departure from usual portrayals of Genies, and is sometimes suggestive of a darker nature.

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