After its truce with Gallantaria during the rule of King Werkel, great-great-grandson of King Regulus the Reformer, the warlike nation of Brice in the northern Old World turned its attentions to the east, where its soldiers made forays into the territory of the religious kingdom Ruddlestone.

In response to these encroachments, Ruddlestone built the massive Demonkeep Outpost fortress on the edge of the mountains near the Dagga River and filled it with a garrison of warrior-priests to guard its western border. This garrison, which has stood for somewhere in the region of 500 years as a permanent home to thousands of fanatical warriors, has "kept an unsleeping eye on Brice ever since".[1]

It is told in Knights of Doom that the Dwarf, Lothar of Crun, often "led the Warriors of Telak from the Demonkeep Outpost to repel attacks from Barbarians and the soldiers of the warmongering Lord Meracass of Brice".[2]

It is not known when these events took place, nor whether Lord Meracass still lives.

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