The Zagor Chronicles
Location Amarillia
Publication details
Author(s) Ian Livingstone
& Carl Sargent
Illustrator Leo Hartas
Cover illustrator Iain McCaig
First published March 3 1994
Number 4
Previous Book Skullcrag
Next Book Last in series
ISBN ISBN 0-14-036867-1
No Wizard Reprint

Demonlord is a fantasy novel written by Ian Livingstone and Carl Sargent and is the fourth and final volume in The Zagor Chronicles series. It was published by Puffin Books in 1994 (ISBN 0-14-036867-1). There are currently no plans from Wizard Books to republish it.



The apocalypse is nigh!

Zagor the Necromancer has made his final return to the magical realms of Amarillia. For all his power, he was originally mortal; now he has taken on demonic form, and his power seems virtually limitless. Pitilessly, the tyrant crushes all opposition to his rule of torment and death from the abysmal depths of his undead-infested fortress. Having failed to destroy their enemy once on Amarillia itself, and again on his own home world of Titan, four heroes risk fates worse than any death in a final, apocalyptic struggle against the nightmare which opposes them.

Demonlord is the fourth tale in the epic Zagor Chronicles series. The fate of worlds hangs on the courage and skill of a barbarian, a dwarf and a wizard in their final battle.

Ian Livingstone, co-author of the best-selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, brings you an enthralling new saga.

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The original cover of the book was designed and illustrated by Iain McCaig.


Beyond the black and white map by Leo Hartas, there are no internal illustrations.

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  • On the back cover of Iain McCaig is credited as "Ian McCaig", a common mistake.



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