Dhumpus is a small village of Hill Dwellers set on a river in the Shamutanti Hills in southern Kakhabad, north of Kristatanti.[1]

The residents of Dhumpus are fairly friendly to outsiders, as long as their local customs are respected.[2]

The village has a number of merchants' huts, where various items are for sale, and an inn, where a hearty meal of Hillfox broth and rice costs 3GP and a bed for the night costs the same.[3] For those in need of money, some labouring work, such as digging cesspits, may be available in the village.[4]

Further NotesEdit

Like some other names in the Sorcery! series, Dhumpus is named after a place in Nepal, in this case the village of Dhampus in the Annapurna region.

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