Although Plesiosaurs and Pterosaurs aren't technically Dinosaurs, they are grouped with them here for convenience, as they typically are in non-specialist descriptions of Dinosaurs on Earth.

This article concerns Dinosaurs on the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan, although reference is also made to Dinosaurs which occur in the world of Orb and in the futuristic Fighting Fantasy land, Thalos.


There are no records of Dinosaurs in the Old World, except perhaps for Anteelocets in some remote period of prehistory.[2] The reasons for the absence of Dinosaurs on this continent are unknown; perhaps there have never been Dinosaurs in the Old World (suggesting that Dinosaurs in Allansia and Khul are of relatively recent origin - see further below); perhaps they have been hunted to extinction in the (comparatively) civilised lands of the Old World; or perhaps they are found there but only in out of the way places such as the plains of Lendleland and in the Anvils of the Gods which have hardly featured in Fighting Fantasy canon.



Dinosaurs in OrbEdit

The Fighting Fantasy gamebook Talisman of Death is set in the world of Orb. The following Dinosaurs are encountered there:

  • Pteranodon
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus

Dinosaurs in ThalosEdit

The Fighting Fantasy gamebook Robot Commando is set in the Dinosaur-inhabited futuristic land of Thalos (which is not known to be connected with the world of Titan). The following Dinosaurs are known to occur on Thalos:

Further NotesEdit

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