Domain Disease
Home The Void
Other Names The Festering Lord; Krur; Voma
Symbols Maggot
Parentage Elim
Siblings Death and Decay
Priest Colours Pus Yellow

Disease is a High Lord of Chaos.


He is the brother of Death and the twin of Decay and is believed to have been created by Elim.[1]


Also known as "The Festering Lord" in the far western lands. Elsewhere he is also referred to as Voma and Krur. Although worshipped all over Titan, both Disease and his brothers are most avidly worshipped in southern Khul in pockets around the Scythera Desert. The city of Shakuru is where the High Priest of Disease sits. Also, there is a mighty temple to these gods and their various minor gods and demi-gods a few days outside Assur, following the river inland towards the desert.


He is often portrayed as a disease ridden, malformed man. His symbol is the Maggot and his sacred colour is Pus Yellow. Adventuring priests of Disease will rarely be encountered.

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