One of the great ancient civilisations, Djarat now exists as little more than a few ruins and vague tales passed down from generation to generation. Once occupying the region now known as the Desert of Skulls and the Snakelands.


We know that for a time a line of kings ruled Djarat, and thus it was a kingdom during this time. Horari was the twenty-fourth King of the kingdom Djarat and that his daughter was the Princess Nemset.[1] Another notable king was Akharis, who was the cruellest tyrant the kindom had ever known.

Djaratian GodsEdit


Djaratian Gods

Djarat was highly unusual in that it paid homage to a great many deities, including a number from the Animal Court, despite these being very little known outside of animal cults.

Most of their gods were idolised as animal-headed humanoids, and were revered with prayer rather than with sacrifice as in many ancient cultures. However, the now-destroyed monuments and temples of Djarat, often pyramidal and adorned with great obelisks and complex glyphs, were sometimes used for darker purposes than ordinary worship. It is known that their Goddess of Evil, Sithera, was in fact none other than the Snake Demon Sith, and many demonologists claim that her cult is undergoing a revival.

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