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Djinn are spirits that serve the forces of Evil and therefore their masters are the Dark Lords.

They are very closely related to Genies. In the early history of the Godtime a number of Genies were subverted by the darker forces, and these subverted Genies became the Djinns. Disaster will strike if an adventurer believes that he has encountered a Genie but in fact has encountered a Djinn, for the two are almost indistinguishable. Even with a Genie one should beware of the gift of wishes for a Genie may easily twist the words of the wish to have a very different meaning or outcome than would have been desired. If the Genie felt that Good was dominant at that moment it could mean a disastrous result for the wish maker. In the case of a Djinn the words will be twisted if there is any possibility that they can be and the result will be most unfortunate.

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