FF Dolphin
skill 10
stamina 9
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Snout (as Club)
Habitat Sea
Number Encountered 1 or 2-12
Type Mammal/Cetacean
Reaction Neutral-Friendly
Intelligence High

Dolphins are a type of marine Animal in the Fighting Fantasy world.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Dolphins are native exclusively in the salty waters of Titan's oceans. They are social nomads and usually move around in groups (so-called "pods"), hunting swarms of smaller fish,[1] though on occasion singular dolphins have been encountered. Dolphins are very active creatures; if someone (usually by magic) is able to communicate with one, they will find that a Dolphin tends to chatter rapidly, making it hard to follow what it says.[2]

Dolphins are usually friendly to Humans (unless they get injured by them) and tend to aid people who have fallen into the sea;[3] there are many folklore stories of Dolphins carrying sailors gone overboard to the nearest shore. Dolphins are the mortal enemy of sharks and will fight them if numbers allow it; otherwise they tend to flee.[4]


While a Dolphin looks much like a fish, it is actually a warm-blooded mammal. The physical main differences to fish are that Dolphins have a blowhole on the upper front of their heads (substituting the nose on land animals), that their tail fins are oriented horizontally instead of perpendicularly (as it is the case with fish), and that their skin is smooth and scaleless.

Dolphins possess teeth, but they do not use them in combat; instead, they attack an enemy with a running charge and butt with their hard snouts. (With the Advanced Fighting Fantasy rules, treat Damage as a Club; see the Advanced Weapon Damage Table.)

Special AbilitiesEdit

Dolphins are very rapid swimmers, able to outdistance most opposition.

Other MediaEdit

Further NotesEdit

Further Information in CanonEdit

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* - denotes a picture


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